About us

What it’s all about

Searching for your site:

After careful research of your market and business compass, we set out on a journey to find the sites that we feel will present the best opportunities for you and your needs. Before pitching our selections, we narrow down the sites that we believe are best suited for your growth and developments plans.

An overview of your site:

We’ve found that it makes things a little bit easier if you are able to envision your project holistically. We can help you do that with guidance from our team and by providing a comprehensive package with an overview of the trade area, aerial maps, site plans, and cost estimates.

Steps to success:

We’ll take care of the dirty work. You can rest easy knowing that proceeding a contract on the site, we will conduct a thorough investigation making sure to identify any environmental concerns or potential permitting issues with the local municipality. After all of the necessary boxes are checked, we will then create a final building plan.

Site procurement

We know time is precious, that’s why it’s of utter importance to us to make sure we don’t waste yours. By purchasing the property with financing in place, we are able to quickly move forward onto the site construction and its special delivery to you.


From start to finish, we will utilize our construction tracking system, allowing us to easily manage your site. The system is easily accessible to you, the architect, and the contractors. With access, you will be able to view up-to-date schedules and live on-site cameras. We understand the importance of full disclosure and transparency with your project implementation, and with our web-based project management tool, you can rest assured.


We take pride in the quality of our service and the trust of our clients. We understand the importance of detail, timely and efficient execution strategies, high service standards, and the transparent relationship desired. Being one of the only development companies utilizing real-time web viewing and project management tools, we are certain that we can deliver those important qualities.

Victory Development is a modernized and innovative real estate development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With a focus on the development of Build to Suit properties, we stick with you start to finish, assuring a successful project that fits you and your needs.